Last updated: 24.09.2019

Please read these Smart Ink club terms and conditions carefully before joining the Smart Ink club.

  1. Agreement. By joining the Smart Ink club, you automatically agree and accept the terms and conditions below. These terms and conditions supplement the General Terms and Conditions.
    Also, joining the Smart Ink club means that you yourself have decided to become a Smart Ink customer.
  1. Term designation. In this document, the definitions are used with the following meanings:
  • Smart Ink customer – the customer who has one or more completed orders for any Smart Ink product;
  • Smart Ink Club member – the Smart Ink customer who has joined the Smart Ink Club;  
  • Smart Ink Club – the club of Smart Ink members;
  • One-time 50% discount – a special discount that can be applied to one unit. The discount is provided as a promo-code that can be used when placing an order at
  • Club entry requirements – conditions established by the Smart Ink products manufacturer;
  • Customer identification process – club entry requirements-checking process for Smart Ink customers;
  • Promo-code – code that allows you to get a discount;
  1. General Provisions. The Smart Ink products manufacturer enables Smart Ink customers to join the Smart Ink club in order to be aware of the latest news and promo offers. 
  1. Club joining. Only Smart Ink customers can join the Smart Ink club (provided the customer identification process was successfully completed). By joining the club, Smart Ink customers get access to regular promotions and great offers. In order to join the Club, you need to visit the marketing platforms with promotions for Smart Ink products: or     

To join the Club, the Smart Ink customer must provide their personal data and order data for Smart Ink products. This must include but is not limited to the following:

  • order ID from recent Smart Ink product purchase;
  • first and last name of the person who made the order;
  • the email address of the person who made the order;
  • the store in which the recent Smart Ink product was purchased;

Joining the Club takes place through form submission or any other method set by the Smart Ink product manufacturer and by successful passing the customer identification process. Your Smart Ink Club membership status will be sent to the email you provided during registration.


  1. Your rights and responsibilities as a Smart Ink customer. Upon joining the Smart Ink club, you are entitled to receive a one-time 50% discount for a future purchase that can be applied to one unit.
    In addition, you have the right to enjoy all the privileges of club members: quick round-the-clock support and useful tips on caring for your printer. Your responsibilities for joining the Сlub include but are not limited to the following provisions:
  • You must provide complete and accurate information during registration and participation in the club. This includes information about your personal data and the data of your Smart Ink product orders.
  • You must not abuse privileges when joining or participating in the club. This may include any attempt to obtain a discount for an order that differs from what is specified in these rules.
  1. Customer identification process. A Smart Ink customer can join the Smart Ink Club only once. In order to join the Smart Ink Club, you must pass the customer identification process. This procedure is required when joining the club and is necessary in order to avoid abuse and fraud from customers. You may be refused from joining the Smart Ink Club as a result of our customer identification process. In this case, you will be notified by email.
  1. Cases when you may be refused from joining the Smart Ink club. This may include but is not limited to the following: 
  • You are already a member of the Smart ink Club;
  • You entered a nonexistent order number;
  • The data you provided does not match the order information; 
  • You entered an order ID that was already used to register in the Smart Ink club.
  • You have already received or used a discount code that resulted from participating in any Smart Ink marketing campaign;
  • In the past, you were a member of the Smart Ink Club and decided to leave it.
  1. Cases where the promo code applies to an order of several Smart Ink product units. If you decide to apply a promo code to an order that contains several different units of Smart Ink products, the discount will be applied to the highest-priced unit in the order.
  1. Changes to the terms and conditions. The Smart Ink products manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions. Changes take effect 30 days after they are posted on the official Smart Ink website.
  1. The validity of these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply to all Smart Ink customers without exception.