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Recycling Recommendations

♻️ How to recycle Smart Ink cartridges:

  1. Donate full, unused Smart Ink cartridges.
    If you mistakenly ordered ink or don’t need these ink cartridges,  you can donate them through the Cartridge Forest service:

    • Fill in your contact details in the chapter window;
    • Get a free ground shipping label;
    • Send the cartridges in an original or carton box.
  2. Go to to find recycling points in your area.
    On their page, choose Where to Recycle a Specific ItemOthersToner & Printer CartridgesContinue and enter your postcode to find locations nearby.
  3. Find a recycling point at Tesco stores:
    “Extra” and ”Superstores” ( but not ‘Metro’ or ‘Express’) have a recycling point for recycling empty ink cartridges.
    ❗️* Note that recycling points are not available at all local stores. Please check your local store to confirm what recycling points are available.
  4. Use a box collection service.
    • Put your cartridges into a box to the maximum weight of 25kg.
    • Visit the website and register your account.
    • Arrange a collection for your box / pay any fees required.
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