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21 Feb

How to clean an Epson printhead?

Have you ever had one of those days when your printer throws a little art disaster on your documents? You hit print and boom! Streaks,...
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12 Jan

Recycling of Printer Cartridges and Drum Units

You're likely aware of the general environmental concerns. But let's be real: talking about recycling printer ink cartridges, toners, and drum units isn't typically your...
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31 Oct

How to change ink in Epson printer?

Ink change-up time for your Epson printer! And we are here to help. We've created a few very simple guides, "How to change ink in...
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04 Sep

How to change INK in Canon printer

If you're here, you might have a Canon printer and need help installing ink! Are we great detectives? This place is for you! We've created...
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27 Apr

How to clean printhead on HP printer?

How to clean an HP Printhead Have you noticed that your printer starts to print with spots, dull colors, or blurry text? Perhaps the printheads…

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05 Apr

What’s the difference between black and photo black cartridges in HP 564XL combo packs?

By buying a printer, we plan to use it to the maximum of its capabilities. Whether photos, pictures, diagrams, or texts, we expect high-quality results…

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27 Mar

How to Install Ink Cartridge in HP Printer

How to Change Ink in HP Printer? Knowing how to change cartridges is essential when owning a printer, so we prepared a guide on how…

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20 Mar

How to save money on ink for printers?

Despite the world being more digitalized each year, we still have to print an enormous amount of paperwork at work, universities, schools, and other places….

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28 Feb


In this article, you’ll find out the following: What does the ink cartridge look like? What does the toner cartridge look like? What is the…

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01 Jun

How To Get More Ink Out Of Your Cartridge: Tips and Hints from Smart Ink

Printing at home is extremely fun – you can be creative, get to choose your own color scheme, settings, and so much more. And even...
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25 Apr

What Is a Remanufactured Ink Cartridge, and Should I Get One?

If you’ve ever researched how to save on printing, you must have stumbled upon the articles about remanufactured ink. Along with compatible cartridges, remanufactured ones…

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09 Mar

How to Store Ink Cartridges When Not In Use Often

At Smart Ink, we’ve been producing and distributing compatible and remanufactured ink cartridges for several years now, and surely we know how to properly store…

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20 Jan

Your Ultimate Guide On How to Reset Ink Cartridges Regardless of a Printer Brand

Regardless of what kind of printer you have and how long you’ve been using it, sometimes, you might need to perform a so-called printer ink...
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23 Sep

How to Turn Off HP Subscription Plan

Using an HP Subscription Plan program might be inconvenient and not that cost-effective. So today, we’ll share step-by-step instructions on how to turn it off…

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26 Apr

How to Print Professional Photos on a Home Printer

Even if you are not a professional photographer, you probably still want to have beautiful high-quality photos.  Since life is unpredictable, it’s always nice to...
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19 Apr

How to Get HP Printer to Recognize Refilled Cartridges

There are four types of cartridges you can choose for your printer. These are: Original cartridges (OEM), Compatible, Remanufactured, and Refilled cartridges. Today, we’ll focus on...
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05 Apr

How many pages can one ink cartridge print

Almost every person has a printer - it is more comfortable to use one anytime you want and need, right? However, when it comes to...
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23 Mar

Ink Cartridge Care Tips

Sometimes your new cartridges may stop working quicker than you expected and one of the reasons for such an unpleasant situation may be improper usage....
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17 Mar

How To Fix HP Printer Cartridge Problems

If you are a lucky owner of an HP printer, you might have faced some situations when it simply refused to work properly. In this...
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10 Mar

5 Lucky Facts About St. Patrick’s Day + Smart Game

Today, we are going to tell you five unknown, secret facts about St Patrick day! As you probably know, this Irish national holiday is almost worldwide popular....
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Buy ink cartridges in the UK

When you are running a small business, taking care of the household, or working full-time, it can be easy to overlook the importance of the smaller things. Taking care of your ink needs is vital to ensure that your day-to-day workflow doesn’t stall. Finding the right ink cartridges for your printer is one way to ensure that your printing needs are met.

When it comes to compatible cartridges, there is probably no better option to choose than Smart Ink.

Smart Ink produces and distributes compatible ink cartridges for printers of the most popular brands. Our inks are designed for maximum efficiency, which means you will get better results at a fraction of the price you would pay for original cartridges.

If you want to buy ink cartridges online, Smart Ink is one of the leading retailers in Europe for all your printing needs. And this is pretty understandable as we offer a wide selection of top-quality cartridges for different printer models, including Canon, Epson, HP, and Brother. Each cartridge is thoroughly tested before being shipped out to customers to ensure that they function properly and provide you with the best printing experience.

What else will you get with Smart Ink?

  • Extensive product line, including compatible and remanufactured cartridges awarded with international quality certificates.
  • 100% compatibility and instant recognition due to the latest chip version.
  • Your confidence that you will not run out of ink in the most inappropriate time, which is granted by a special ink level tracking technology.
  • A 2-year money-back guarantee that will cover any possible issues you might get with our compatible ink cartridges for your printer.
  • Free shipping for all orders, regardless of how many sets you purchase. Get Smart Ink cartridges in the UK, and don’t overpay for delivery!
  • Multi-layer packaging and additional tests before shipment will grant cartridge security while they are on their way to your house.
  • 24/7 customer support that consists of real pros in printing will take care of all your questions and printing needs.
  • huge Smart Ink family of over 850 000 customers worldwide that use our cartridges for their work, business, or at home. Join us and never feel lonely again! 

Compatible ink cartridges from Smart Ink

With Smart Ink, you can buy high-quality, compatible ink cartridges at a price that makes sense for your budget. Our high-yield printer inks are the best value on the market, offering nearly twice as much ink as remanufactured or other compatible printer cartridges to help you save on what matters most.

Our inks are also designed to work flawlessly with your printer in order to provide incredible quality that lasts. Finally, Smart Ink is run by people who love what they do and that means professional attention 24/7, whenever you decide to contact our Customer Care team.

So if you are looking for a reliable place to buy ink cartridges, search no more. Join our Smart Ink family and get the most out of your printing!

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