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How to clean an Epson printhead?

Posted bymshapovalova

Have you ever had one of those days when your printer throws a little art disaster on your documents? You hit print and boom! Streaks, dull colors, or even perfectly clean paper without print marks.

You feel like blaming those ink cartridges, letting out a scream, leaving a grumpy review, or having a loud chat with Customer Care Support. These thoughts might cross your mind, too.

Count us in! It looks like we all enjoy a little drama here, except for our Customer Care Team. They’re the ones who solve all problems, making printing easy and stress-free.

So, let’s put our trust in them on this issue!

Why is your printer not doing a good job, and how does it relate to Epson printhead?

Anna from Customer Care Team




There could be a lot of reasons why your printer is not isn’t working as expected. The printhead is often a key factor when it comes to issues. Let’s check it out!

Blurry or smeared

– Blurry or smeared

– Missing colors

Missing colors
Streaky or faded

– Streaky or faded 

If at least one point matches, let’s analyze Epson printhead cleaning!

Such problems often happen because Epson printhead can accumulate dried ink, dust, and other debris, negatively impacting printing. Keeping your printer’s printhead clean is like giving it a regular checkup. Here’s why it’s important:

  • Preventing Clogs: Imagine your printer’s nozzles as mini spray painters. If they clog with dried ink, your prints may get messy. Regular Epson printhead cleaning prevents clogs, keeping the ink flow smooth.
  • Maintaining Print Quality: A clean Epson printhead makes your prints look better. When the nozzles are clear, they can accurately put ink on the paper, making your prints sharp and colorful.
  • Extending the Lifespan: Regular cleaning of the Epson printhead helps your printer last longer. Clogs and issues can wear down the printhead over time, making it less efficient. Keeping it clean helps your printer stay in good shape for a longer period.
  • Preventing Damage: If you let clogs stick around for too long, they can damage the Epson printhead permanently. Regular printhead cleaning saves you from more serious problems and the need for expensive repairs or a new printer.
  • Optimizing Ink Usage: A clean Epson printer printhead ensures your ink is used wisely. Clogs can make your printer use more ink than necessary, costing you more money. Keeping it clean not only saves on ink costs but also helps the environment by reducing waste.

So, just like you maintain your car to keep it running smoothly, giving your printer a little printhead cleaning can go a long way in keeping your prints looking great!

How to clean the printhead on an Epson printer?

Smart Ink’s printhead-friendly guide:

  1. Press the up or down arrow button to choose “Setup” and press “OK.”
  2. Select “Maintenance” and press “OK.”
  3. Use the arrow buttons to pick “Print Head Cleaning” and press “OK.”
  4. Press one of the “Start” buttons to start the Epson printhead cleaning cycle. The power light blinks during cleaning and stays on when done.
  5. Press “OK” to run a nozzle check and make sure the Epson printhead is clean.

Smart caution: Never turn off the printer during cleaning, or it might get damaged!

If you don’t notice any improvement after cleaning the Epson printhead up to 4 times, don’t worry! Just keep your printer on and give it a break for 1-2 hours. After that, try the process again.

Smart Ink 822XL and Epson printhead are besties!

What is the reason for this connection? 

Smart Ink 822 XL has a special Anti-Clog Ink Formula – a superpower for your printer. What is it? It’s a special kind of ink made to prevent printers from getting stuck. It includes extra ingredients that help the ink flow smoothly through the small nozzles in the printhead. 

By using Smart cartridges with Anti-Clog Ink Formula, you’re giving your printer a helping hand to stay in top-notch shape. It ensures your prints come out clear and vibrant by keeping those Epson printhead nozzles free from any hiccups.

While it won’t entirely save you from the occasional printhead cleaning, it significantly cuts down on the need! You will enjoy smoother printing with fewer interruptions!

Anna from Customer Care Team


We hope you found the article helpful. Your printer’s well-being is important. That’s why we’re always here to assist you, whether day or night. Feel free to reach out, even if you think your problem is simple. Our team is committed to providing the best support possible to ensure your smooth printing experience. Remember, a well-maintained printer means better prints and less stress for you! 

And remember to be printhead-friendly Smarty! Your printer will be happy!

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