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Buy 2 – Save 10%

Recycling Recommendations

♻️ How to recycle Smart Ink cartridges in France:

  1. Bring your empty Smart Ink cartridges to the Collection bin, often available at newsagents or in shopping malls.
    You can search for the nearest collection points here:
  2. Send Smart Ink remanufactured cartridges for proper reuse through the program.
    For one cartridge, you will get up to 1€ to your account or as a donation to your chosen charity organization.
  • Check the value: Search by cartridge number → Search by brand → Add the cartridges to cart and click “Next”
  • Go to your email and download the shipping label
  • Put the cartridges in an original or carton box
  • Send your package.

❗️* Note that the copper part (chip) should be not damaged.

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