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Stay Smart Every Day. Even on Black Friday

Posted byolena

This day has come. 

The day, when people are split into two groups: Black Friday lovers and haters. At Smart Ink, we prefer staying in the golden middle as we believe in great “Black” deals with the products that you really need. 

For sure, it can be super-hard to stop yourself from buying a double-neck guitar, Nepali-English dictionary, or Beyonce high heels with an 80% discount. But Black Friday discounts cause huge overconsumption. People start buying things they don’t need and then eventually throw them away when they find no way to utilize them. Whatever it is, we encourage you to think twice before buying it and resist the temptation to get it “just in case.”

Your savings are our main goal 24/7 and 365 days a year. So every day, you can buy Smart Ink to save on cartridges. And save even more by purchasing two sets with a 10% discount, while getting them shipped for free.

Overall, we hope that all of us will spend this Black Friday smart and spend money on products that we really need. Stay Smart with Smart Ink!

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