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Print What You Need Most

We know how much you love printing memorable pictures of your family, some stuff for kids, stickers, and even fliers for your business. We love that, too.

Yet, we all have to remember that the more we print, the more paper we use. Thus, the bigger footprint we leave on Earth. At Smart Ink, we do care about the environment and encourage everyone to go green printing. That’s why we want to share tips and hints on reasonable consumption as we believe that all global changes start with the everyday actions of each of us.


Responsible consumption in general and especially using less paper is not hard at all. Here are some simple steps you may take to change the world for the better.

  1. Think before you print something out and print what matters most. You will notice pretty soon that there is no need to print everything you can.
  2. Use the two-sided printing option to use less paper.
  3. Reuse the printouts you no longer need by printing on the back or taking notes there. That’s how you will stop wasting paper.
  4. Recycle your paper waste. If you have printed out something by mistake or you no longer need it, don’t throw it away – save paper for later.
  5. Buy recycled paper materials. This way, you are giving a second life to the paper used before.

The changes start with all of us. So print smart with Smart Ink, and let’s save the planet together! Save paper – save the planet!