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10 Ways for Seniors to Save Money on Monthly Spendings

Posted byyhlovinska

Regardless of our age, we all want to save some money on daily expenses and spend them on something really important. It can be a new French class, a rare edition of Ernest Hemingway, or a super-cool toy truck for your grandson. But whatever it is, cutting down our expenses can be a real challenge.

That’s why, we’ve come up with the ten ways for seniors to save money on everyday expenses without sacrificing your comfort. Hope they will come in handy!

The best ways to save money for seniors

Saving money in retirement is essential. Today, we’ll cover the most efficient ways to do this.

1. Print with Smart Ink compatible cartridges

Most people use original inks because they don’t know about cheaper alternatives. Yet, with compatible or remanufactured cartridges, you may enjoy high-quality ink and save up for what’s important.

At Smart Ink, we’ve been producing and distributing flawless compatible cartridges for years. We cover the most popular Canon, HP, Epson, and Brother models and help our customers save up to 12 times the original inks’ cost. No jokes, we’ve conducted research to see how much our clients save – check it out!

2. Check local laws and special programs

Depending on the place you live in, you may benefit from different governmental initiatives. For instance, Canadians may join the Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP).

US citizens, on the other hand, can access national government aid programs and many area-specific ones. To find local initiatives, you can check up with the representative of your Area Agency of Aging and start saving today.

3. Use coupons and ask for discounts

Many businesses offer different discounts, and there is nothing embarrassing to ask for them! So even if you are not sure whether your favorite shops and services run any discount campaigns, just take your chance and find out. Who knows, maybe they are keeping it low key 😉 

4. Visit your bank

Some banks also provide senior citizens with special rates that make managing money in retirement more comfortable. So if you have any debts, make sure to bargain for the best rates.

5. Track your spendings

It is always a good idea to have a simple tracking system of your (or your family) expenses. And the best part is that you don’t need any special equipment for this – a notebook and a pen will be enough.

6. When it comes to money, think ahead

This is one of the most important money saving tips for seniors (and basically, anyone else). If you can pay annually for some services like insurance or your favorite newspaper subscription, go for it!

And make sure that none of your payments are overdue – late fees are not the nicest thing to wake up to in the morning. To avoid such a situation, make a list of all your payments and the time they are due or set an automatic payment for your recurring bills.

7. Save on shopping

Plan your shopping ahead. It is so easy to make an impulsive purchase when you see something nice at a store! Luckily, a simple shopping list can save you and your wallet as well, so don’t forget to write one next time. And think twice before buying branded products – most of them don’t offer anything different except for the higher price.

8. Decrease electricity bills

One of our favorite smart ways for seniors to save money is to think of how you can lower electricity costs. We recommend you unplug your devices when they are fully charged or not used since most of them use a bit of power all the time. Besides, you can get the light bulbs replaced with economical LED ones.

9. Don’t forget about heating

Same as electricity, heating is another item of home expenses that you can take under control. First, turn off heating in the unused rooms – this is very simple but effective. Second, use programmable thermostats that will allow you to regulate the temperature in your house exactly when you need it.

10. Buy online

Most physical stores don’t offer a wide variety of products to choose from. That’s why it is always a good idea to buy online. This way, you may read reviews, compare prices, and opt for the best variant. Besides, many companies, including Smart Ink, offer free shipping, so that you can save your time as well.


There is actually a lot you may do to cut your expenses on a monthly basis. We hope that our money-saving retiring tips will help you keep your spendings under control and lead a more comfortable life.

And if you want to start saving today – switch to Smart Ink compatible cartridges. This way you’ll get high-quality prints for a reasonable price and save on what’s more important.

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