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Canon VS HP Printers: Which One To Choose

Posted byolena

Choosing a printer can be rather intimidating. Especially after you watch all the video reviews and looked through tons of comments on the web. But don’t worry, we got you.

Today, we’ll discuss two major brands, Canon VS HP printers, and compare them according to several aspects. We’ll review their ink cost, print quality, and speed. So make sure to read this article till the end and add it to your bookmarks if you don’t want to lose it!

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Canon vs HP printers: Ink cost

First off, let’s speak about the expenses. When it comes to printers, there are two types of spendings: you buy the machine itself and a cartridge. While you only need to buy the printer once, ordering ink will turn into a regular routine that can make a hole in your pocket.

According to Tom’s Guide research, in order to print a text page, you may spend 8.3 cents per page with a standard cartridge of any Canon printer. HP printers, on the other hand, offer higher printer ink cost – 9.2 cents per page.

Speaking about the color page printing, Canon ink cost is around 21.1 cents per page, whereas HP ink cost reaches 23.3 cents. It may seem like nothing because we are talking about cents, not hundreds of dollars. Yet, you should remember that in the long run, these pennies turn into pots of money.

If you don’t want to overpay every time to order printer ink, you should switch to compatible cartridges. Smart Ink compatible cartridges are much cheaper than the original ones, although they offer the same high quality of the print. Moreover, Smart Ink cartridges are filled to their full capacity, in contrast to original inks. This allows users to enjoy perfect quality for less money and save up for what really matters.

Canon vs HP


Canon vs HP printers: Text and photo print quality

Speaking about print quality, it’s important to assess both text and photo printing as it may vary depending on the model of the printer, its purpose, and the year it was released.

Of course, when choosing a Canon or HP printer, you have to consider your personal goals and needs. For instance, if you mostly print out text documents, you should pay attention to black and white inkjet printers. However, if you are going to print photos and images, look through the models with vivid colors and wide paper choice.

To give you a rough idea of HP VS Canon printers’ quality, Tom’s Guide have compared several most popular models of both brands. Of course, opinions may vary, but they have concluded that Canon printers still win when it comes to text and photos.

HP vs Canon


Note: Please make sure that you have considered all the aspects that influence print quality as your printing results may differ depending on the printer model, type of paper, and settings.


Print speed comparison for HP and Canon printers

The last factor that is worth paying attention to when choosing a Canon or HP printer is print speed. At this point, there is only one rule: the faster, the better. As you don’t want to be late for a meeting because of your printer, right?

But let’s get back to the comparison. Among all the models, Canon printers showed the highest speed of up to 9.8 pages per minute (ppm) when printing text documents. The fastest HP printer, on the other hand, clocked in at 9.1 ppm.

When it comes to color printouts, Canon also takes the lead. The fastest Canon printer scored 3.1 ppm, while an HP one – only 2.6 ppm.

But what about photos? They require special attention since photo printing always takes much more time than any other type. However, Canon has passed even this test with flying numbers. The printer managed to finish a Letter-sized photo printing in under 2 minutes. Just for a comparison, the fastest HP printed did the same job in 2 minutes and 12 seconds.



According to the results of the comparison, Canon has got more points and, thus, has won this competition. However HP printers are not too far behind, which means that the final decision is up to you.

Only you may choose the printer for home or professional use. But please don’t forget to take all aspects into consideration when making a final verdict. Don’t judge the printer only by its cost! Take a look at the print speed and quality, read some reviews on the web, and of course, calculate the average cost per page. And if you see that you need cheaper ink, just visit Smart Ink!




3 thoughts on “Canon VS HP Printers: Which One To Choose

  1. You are comparing a 6 color machine and a Micky Mouse 4 color machine when printing full color. Surely the Canon has a better quality print.
    Apart from which compatible Canon ink cartridges are a fraction of the price of HP compatible ink cartridges and more reliable

  2. I have a 6 color canon (bjc model) that is about 10 years or so. I bought back then a Hp envy 5530, and purchases the automatic shipment of 300 pages. I found out after printing 15 full color ink on 8 by 11 paper, I had to replace the ink which cost about maybe 30 dollars. With the Hp I could print 300 pages full color and only cost 10 ten dollars a month. If you do a lot of printing go Hp. Picture quality is great

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