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Do compatible cartridges void your printer warranty?

Compatible cartridges may benefit you in many ways. They are cheap, high-quality, and long-lasting.

Yet, users still get some doubts when considering them as a replacement for the original inks. One of the main reasons is the idea that they may void the printer warranty. Today, we’ll get this myth busted so that you have no more doubts and can enjoy affordable printing.

Though all printer manufacturers strongly advise their users to buy only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges, this is not obligatory. The thing is that you may opt for compatible or remanufactured inks of any third-party producer without voiding the warranty. Moreover, using other third-party consumables (drums, print heads) will not invalidate warranty either.

This rule is applicable all over the world for various products, not only printer inks. As for the US jurisdiction, a special act protects your rights as a consumer when it comes to warranties. It is called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act.

According to this act, a manufacturer cannot force product users to buy specific consumables. Which, in other words, allows everyone to use third-party cartridges with no worries.

There is only one way compatible cartridges may influence the manufacturer warranty of your printer. This may happen if the inks you were using damaged the original printer. And even in this case, a printer manufacturer would have to prove that the breakage was caused by compatible cartridges and not some other factors.

So, it’s time to ask this question again. Will using off-brand printer cartridges void printer warranty? No, it won’t. The bottom line is you may easily use compatible cartridges and stop worrying about your printer’s warranty. However, make sure to choose suitable inks and use them according to the instruction.

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