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How much will you save with Smart Ink?

How often do you buy something unnecessary or irrelevant simply out of a habit? It may be a subscription to a magazine that you never read or unreasonably expensive cartridges. 

Luckily, we can help you with the latter!

Smart Ink compatible cartridges are a great way to save on ink in favor of what’s really important. With us, you’ll finally get that necklace and start a cooking class you always wanted to take up.

And don’t worry, you will not lose the quality of your printouts since with Smart Ink, you always get colorful pictures and sharp text. The quality of our products is as good as of the original branded cartridges. Give it a try and see for yourself!

Do you wanna know how much exactly you will save on printer ink cartridges with Smart Ink? Trust us, a lot! 

We’ve done a little research and compiled a special comparison table so that you know the exact amount of savings for your printer model.

Сanon PGI-250/CLI-251 5 Combo pack
Original Smart Ink
Standard Yield Price: $67,00
High Yield (XL) Price: $12,99
Total Number of Pages: 2 942
Total Number of Pages: 8 380
So, with Smart Ink, you’ll get 14,7x more pages for the price of one original cartridge

Model Print X more pages for the original cartridges price
Canon 250, 251 XL 14,7
Canon 270, 271 XL 10,6
Canon 280, 281 XXL 6,2
HP 564 XL 16,4
HP 920 XL 8,9
HP 932, 933 XL 8,9
HP 934, 935 XL 8,1
HP 950, 951 XL 11,5
HP 952 XL 11,4
HP 902 XL 3,8


Start saving today with Smart Ink!

Choose the cartridges you need on our website or contact our Customer Care Team, and they will help you find a suitable pack for your printer model.
And stay tuned to learn more life hacks on how to save money on printer ink!

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