Will an XL cartridge fit into my printer?

What is the difference between standard and XL cartridges?

Primarily, the difference between the two is the amount of ink that is in the cartridge. Standard cartridges are filled with less ink, and therefore are less expensive than a high yield cartridge. XL or Higher yield cartridges are filled with more ink and thus offer more prints at a generally better value per copy. It’s important to keep in mind that both of these cartridges are of the same size.

On another note, XL cartridges are more expensive than standard cartridges. Although, since they are more durable, they are more cost-effective because the average cost per page that is printed is lower.

Is the installation process the same for both?

Installing an XL cartridge is no different from how you would install a standard cartridge. Both will fit in the same cartridge slot in your printer. An XL cartridge contains more ink but is the same size as a normal cartridge. This means that it will still be able to fit inside your printer as a normal one would.

One thought on “Will an XL cartridge fit into my printer?

  1. Jean F Sessler says:

    Just bought two boxes of Smart Ink from Amazon. Trying and trying to get something to print with new black ink cartridge inserted. Nothing. Am I doing something wrong? Help, old lady
    Printer HP Photosmart 5520

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