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5 Lucky Facts About St. Patrick’s Day + Smart Game

Posted byolytvynova

Today, we are going to tell you five unknown, secret facts about St Patrick day! As you probably know, this Irish national holiday is almost worldwide popular.
People from different countries unite wearing green clothes and collecting a sacred plant – shamrock ☘️.

Besides, we have prepared an entertaining activity to keep your kids busy, while you can have a cup of green tea 😉 Or you can read these stories to your kids, while they are busy.
Just print it and enjoy a charming evening with your kids.

Shall we begin with one of the most controversial matters – the native land of St. Patrick?

Fact 1. Where is St. Patrick from?

Many people think that Saint Patrick is Irish, but just you wait – you are going to be surprised because the true fact is that St. Patrick was born in England.

As the story tells us, St. Patrick was kidnapped at the age of 16 by Irish raiders and sold to a Celtic priest in Northern Ireland. After this dreadful event, he stayed in Ireland and never left. That is why, probably, he has always been considered as a local.

Fact 2. Are Leprechauns evil and mischievous?

We all have this image of leprechauns as evil creatures who steal money from you and hind it in the backyard so that you can never find your gold anymore.

If I were you, I would not trust this legend, though. You see, another unknown fact about St Patrick day is that the image of a small magical creature came to us from Celtic fairies.

The original Irish name for these figures of folklore is “lobaircin”, meaning “small-bodied fellow”. These creatures had magic powers to serve good or evil and were responsible for mending the shoes of other fairies.

Fact 3. Is a three-leaf clover a sacred plant?

There are many interesting facts about Saint Patrick day, but you will rarely forget about the importance of a three-leaf clover.

According to a legend, St. Patrick used the shamrock as a visual guide when explaining the Holy Trinity. By the 17th century, this plant had become a symbol of emerging Irish nationalism.

We even got used to the idea that this flower brings luck, when in fact, this plant only symbolizes spring.

Fact 4. Do you have to wear green this day to be lucky?

It is said that if you do not wear green for this holiday, you risk being unlucky and even getting pinched.

The tradition comes from folklore that says wearing green makes you invisible to leprechauns, who like to pinch and rob anyone they can see.

Green is a wonderful color to wear, but if your heart’s not in it – don’t worry, you will be as lucky as before even without wearing this very color for St. Patrick’s day.

Fact 5. St. Patrick – the conqueror of snakes?

People used to believe that St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland.

The story said that all the snakes were kicked out from Ireland only by the magic powers of St. Patrick! Can you believe it? No? And you are absolutely right because it never happened! Snakes have always been present in Ireland. Watch out, young ones!

The Final Word

We hope you’ve pleased reading these fun facts about St. Patrick’s day, the legends behind it and our free printable Smart Game. Enjoy St. Patrick’s day, and best of luck☘️!

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